Capitol Police began arresting some of them

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Red and green chillies look good served together in this way

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Enhanced sensitivity is not always a blessing, though

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale The final age requirement will be settled in conference.CORRUPT POLITICAL ADVERTISING:House Bill 2642 amends the “corrupt political advertising” statute. Currently, social media communication is exempt from the requirement to include “paid for” or “sponsored by” canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet hong kong information if the limit of characters is 200. The amended bill increases that limit to 280 characters.SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION FUNDING: Senate Bill 352 requires transportation funding for school districts from the state general fund, not the state highway fund; making and concerning appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019.QUALIFICATIONS FOR LICENSING OF PROFESSIONAL OCCUPATIONS: Senate Substitute for House Bill 2386 implements restrictions on requirements canada goose outlet winnipeg for licensing canada goose outlet vip of professional occupations Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

This is definitely the one shot in my career that I am going

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The most disturbing fact is that in almost all of these areas

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Perhaps the person you spent time next to was like that (if

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The interview was remarkable for its personal nature

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At least not to the point where inmates are hurling food at

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buy canada goose jacket They do not even have to include your specific diagnosis just that you are under their care and they believe having canada goose jacket outlet uk the pet is beneficial to your health and losing the animal canada goose outlet uk sale would be detrimental to your health. It is THAT simple… At least not to the point where inmates are hurling food at him.There are reports out that Cosby cracked a joke that another inmate found distasteful and reacted by removing a chicken patty from the bun and throwing it at Cosby, smacking him in the face. Official from the Pennsylvania Dept. Of Corrections tells TMZ, “This did NOT happen, and I am unhappy with anyone who is reporting such fake news.”The canada goose outlet store uk official says Cosby isn’t even mingling with other inmates yet buy canada goose jacket.

I don’t really think these things are UFOs or craft of any

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In canada goose discount uk the ’80s

How I Learned To Swear canada goose outlet washington dc In Cuban

Editor’s note: Fair warning this essay is, in part, about Spanish profanities, and it includes several.

The man who taught me to swear in Cuban died last week.

Guillermo lvarez Guedes was a foul mouthed comedian who filled 32 albums with politically incorrect jokes. lvarez Guedes combined Jackie Mason’s self deprecating humor with the deadpan delivery of Stephen Colbert. Unlike Colbert, lvarez Guedes didn’t just play a conservative on TV. In canada goose discount uk the ’80s, he traveled to Central America to entertain the Contras. The Cuban comedian was a staunch anti communist, and for half a century he told virulently anti Castro jokes.

canada goose Miami’s Cuban canada goose outlet nyc exile community loved lvarez Guedes because they agreed with his politics and couldn’t help but laugh at his jokes. They relished his masterful use of canada goose outlet england Cuban obscenities. canada goose

Canada Goose sale “Carajo,” “comemierda” y “coo” were the canada goose victoria parka outlet profane triumvirate of malas palabras (bad words) that drove the humor of lvarez Guedes. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance He was best known for his signature use of “coo.” In his one English language album, the comedian describes “coo” as a sort of force multiplier for any phrase. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Outlet “You want to say, ‘Why are you so late?’ In Spanish it would be, ‘Porque llegaste tan tarde?’ Now, when you add the word ‘coo’ canada goose outlet miami to it, it is about five times stronger. It has more meaning. ‘Porque coo llegaste tan tarde?’ Canada Goose Outlet

Cue Cuban laughter. The punch line doesn’t make any sense unless you canada goose uk speak Spanish and can therefore appreciate that he was absolutely 100 percent right.

Canada Goose online Later, in that same routine, he goes on to say canada goose outlet “[‘coo’] is so strong. you don’t even have to say the whole word. With half of it you express everything you want.” He was extolling the virtues of using just the last syllable “o” to convey anger, appreciation or surprise. He offered audiences a Homeric catalog of the different meanings and uses of “o.” It was his calling card. Canada Goose online

The only canada goose outlet germany English language parallel I can draw is the character of canada goose jacket outlet uk Clay Davis in The Wire and his use of “sheeee it” or Samuel Jackson swearing in his recording of Go the Fk to Sleep. However, Jackson requires four letters to achieve the depth of emotion and passion that took lvarez Guedes only two letters and o.

buy canada goose jacket lvarez Guedes’ Cuban accent was most pronounced when he swore. It is almost as if he concentrated all the force of his cubanidad on saying “carajo,” “comemierda,” and “coo.” buy canada goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose You can hear for yourself in this video canada goose shop uk what he had to say about “carajo” and “comemierda.” cheap Canada Goose

I don’t remember many of lvarez Guedes’ jokes being raunchy a la Redd Foxx. But lvarez Guedes certainly told many jokes at the expense of gays and used “maricn,” an anti gay slur, as a canada goose outlet florida punch line. (Listen to some of his jokes now, and it is impossible to avoid a clear impression of homophobia.) By Cuban standards 30 years ago, his jokes were PG 13.

I must have been close to 13 years old when my prim, proper and judgmental mother from Camagey would sit and listen to his recordings with me. She would laugh. I’d ask for explanations. At the time, I struggled to follow the Cuban slang. (This was the stage of my youth when she would talk to me in Spanish and I would respond in English.) Listening together to lvarez Guedes was one way to transmit Cuban culture in the form of humor that a young teenage boy could embrace.

canada goose clearance sale Michigan State University linguist Gabriela Alfaraz had a similar experience. She grew up far from Miami, and her family home served as a de facto hub for Cubans in western Michigan. Alfaraz remembers sitting with her parents and their Cuban friends. “We all listened to lvarez Guedes swear up a storm. It was funny. At some deep level, he made being Cuban cool. way cool for those of us who didn’t have access official canada goose outlet to Cuban culture.” Alfaraz has shared the same recordings with her teenage son and says, “It is humor, it is not really profanity. It is not offensive, and it is OK. And it was OK to laugh.” canada goose clearance sale

According to University of Buffalo linguistics professor Jorge Guitart, Alvarez Guedes’ implicit message to his audience was, “You can’t be free in Cuba, but you can be free here in America and say ‘F you.'” It was foul language in the service of binding Cubans in exile more closely together. It was profane, but much of it was not crass.

A “cultural revolutionary” is how University of Pennsylvania professor Romn de la Campa describes lvarez Guedes. It’s a label lvarez Guedes canada goose outlet orlando would have likely hated given his canada goose clothing uk feelings about the Cuban Revolution. But, it is accurate.

canada goose coats on sale He was the first mainstream Cuban comic to incorporate profanity. His jokes, de la Campa says, were canada goose outlet new york structured like short stories. “He made the audience think about the challenges associated with being in between two cultures and two languages,” says de la Campa. A challenge that was as real for lvarez Guedes himself as it was for every member of his Cuban audience in Miami including me. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose deals Guillermo lvarez Guedes was a genius at code switching between American culture and Cuban culture. He toggled masterfully between Spanish and English in midjoke. Of his many albums, my favorite was his 14th recording, the aforementioned How to Defend Yourself From the Cubans. The jokes are told in both languages, but the punch line was generally in Spanish and only easily understood within a Latin cultural context. After all, he wasn’t really trying to communicate with an canada goose outlet london uk American audience. This was not an attempt at some kind of crossover act. In fact, an English only listener would probably be baffled. (You can look up “Guillermo lvarez Guedes 14” on iTunes and listen for yourself.) canada goose deals

In order to appreciate How to Defend Yourself From the Cubans, you had to be bilingual and Cuban, and know and understand Cuban Miami. And make no mistake: At the time there was a Cuban Miami, a black Miami, an Anglo Miami and a Haitian Miami. Each of the four groups kept to themselves, and each felt themselves, with varying degrees of accuracy, to be the victims of discrimination by every other group.

canadian goose jacket How to canada goose outlet sale Defend Yourself From the Cubans was his best selling album because canada goose outlet store toronto it struck a chord with the Cuban exile community, which felt itself under attack at the time. Much to my mother’s disappointment, a popular bumper sticker at the time read, “Will the last American to leave Miami please take the flag with him?” The Mariel boatlift was still a very recent phenomenon, and Miami suffered from a record homicide rate so high the city had to rent refrigerated container trucks to store the overflow of bodies. canadian goose jacket

The murders were the result, mostly, of the raging drug trade. This is the cocaine era captured in the Al Pacino movie Scarface. Deborah Harry’s “Rush Rush” provided the background soundtrack to the rampant cocaine trafficking. The wars in Central America raged and hopes soared in Miami that President Ronald Reagan was going canada goose outlet new york city to displace communism from canada goose outlet black friday sale Latin America, in general, and Cuba, in canada goose factory outlet vancouver particular. Throughout my youth, but especially then, I remember hearing the New Year’s Eve toast “Next year in Havana” being said with great conviction.

canada goose coats Cubans were not yet a dominant political force. The local Univision station used to run a public service announcement that said, “Vota para que the respeten.” (Vote, in order to be respected.) And into this milieu, canada goose outlet store uk How to Defend Yourself From the Cubans landed like balm for the exile soul. Ostensibly, the album was made in order to help Americanos learn crucial bits of Cuban Spanish in order to defend themselves and avoid being overrun by the overwhelming Cuban presence in Miami. But its real purpose was to help Cubans understand how they were perceived by other groups and to help shore up their cubanidad. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap lvarez Guedes turned life on the Cuban American hyphen into a source of laughter and celebration rather than angst and sadness. De la Campa says he gave meaning to the lives of those navigating between two languages and two cultures. The comedian was a tangible reminder to Cubans that they had a worthy culture and a crazy playful relationship with language a reminder that came at a time when Cubans in Miami did not enjoy a positive image. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale There were many individuals and institutions in Miami that made sure I and others of my generation never forgot our island roots. My mother and the local, Spanish language media outlets repeated that same message over and over. Ensuring that I embraced my American civic responsibilities was a message hammered home at my Jesuit high school and by others in Miami and elsewhere in the country. But through his humor, lvarez Guedes was conveying a message distinct from every other one I was hearing. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Jackets lvarez Guedes embodied the one trait that every self respecting Cuban aspires to possess than anything else simptico. (“It leads us astray,” says Alfaraz.) Savvy. Quick witted. Think Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo. The kind of guy that makes you break out into a smile from 10 feet away because you know a good laugh is not far behind. The kind of guy that can easily dance back and forth between the Cuban and American cultures. El fulano that enjoys a relaxed and easygoing fluency in English and Spanish. lvarez Guedes updated the model of simptico for life in exile. Canada Goose Jackets

lvarez Guedes embodied a certain ideal of Cuban Americanness defined by humor and mixed with cultural and linguistic fluency punctuated with profanity. After all, it is not hard to imagine why a community forced into exile for its political beliefs and separated from their homeland by a lousy 90 miles might have reason to curse aloud carajo, comemierda and coo.